Screen Printing Solutions

Over 30 years of manufacturing experience, ChuanPlus is recognized by professional printers and trade as one of the premier manufacturer for textile and screen printing inks in Asia. With the growing demand, ChuanPlus focuses on superior products and printability performance in the most efficient ways to help our customers stay competative in the marketplace.

ChuanPlus has continued to develop new products and is now providing both garment and fabric printers a comprehensive range of non-PVC Water Based pastes, non-PVC and pthalate free Ecoplus Plastisol inks, Silicone inks, textile binder and additives. Our products have successfully met the requirements of OEKO-TEX which ensures each formulation meets the compliance standards of major brands.

Binders For Textile Pigment Printing

We have a long history in producing textile binder since the company’s establishment year. In today’s marketplace, ChuanPlus binder has been widely accepted by garment and fabric printers in the industry. Our binders are formaldehyde free with soft handle and good washing fastness properties.

Binder BB Soft hand feel & formaldehyde free
Binder SSNF Super soft hand feel & formaldehyde free

Binders For Decorative and Architectural Coatings

We develop, produce and market a broad range of acrylic, styrene acrylic and vinyl acrylic copolymer dispersions for decorative and architectural coatings. Understanding the hot topics surrounding both exterior and interior coatings, we see these challenges as future opportunities in supporting our customers towards innovative formulations.

At ChuanPlus, we understand the challenges for exterior coating as a protective shield against elements. Our binders for exterior paints and prime sealer are designed to provide excellent resistance to UV, efflorescent, alkaline and water, and deliver good colour tinting. Today, interior architecture address the needs for more user-friendly paints and in harmony with both safety and health in consumers’ lives. Keeping that in mind, we formulate an extensive range of low-VOC binder for interior coating that delivers high pigment loading, resistance towards alkaline, gloss shine and good colour tinting.

We also develop and manufacture ink binder solutions for flexography printing inks used on corrugated boxes.

Polymers For Cementitious Waterproofing & Sealant Formulations

Waterproofing systems protect against water intrusion with the goal of maintaining long-term structural stability and durability. ChuanPlus offers acrylic latex polymers for cementitious waterproof coatings which are typically a two-components blends used over masonry patching and concrete surfaces. These polymers for cementitious waterproof coatings have good flexibility properties, water resistance and strong binding strength.

ChuanPlus also offers acrylic binder for sealants that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor application, with good flexibility and excellent adhesion on masonry substrates. Our binders are solvent free which meets your requirements for low-VOC and environmentally responsible.

Plustech WP Styrene acrylic latex binder ideal for cementitious waterproofing
Plustech WP300HV Styrene acrylic latex binder for cementitious waterproofing & sealant
Plustech WP830 Styrene acrylic latex binder for cementitious waterproofing & sealant


We develop and produce an extensive product portfolio catering to a wide range of adhesive applications, from pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), wood working, wood tiles adhesive to screen printing pallets. ChuanPlus adhesives are non-hazardous, easy to use and most importantly provide good bonding strength.

Plustech 1074 Wood working & paper adhesive
Plustech P60S Wood working & paper adhesive
Plustech P30S Wood working, paper adhesive, putty filler, wood putty & join compound
Table Glue GL-1 Screen printing table/ pallets
Belt Glue Fabric roll printing machine’s conveyor belt


We are a licensed plastic recycler in Malaysia. We provide and sell crushed and palletized recycled plastic materials – ABS, PP, LDPE, HDPE and etc.

Screen Printing Solution

Water Based Inks

Your ideas of creativity are nearly without limits with ChuanPlus Water Based Inks. No matter if it’s opaque or clear, as foam or smooth, to be used as individual component or in combinations. We have been providing printers a comprehensive range of high solids, soft bases, special effects and additives that are environmental friendly which do not contain aromatic hydrocarbons, volatile compounds, formaldehyde, heavy metals or toxic chemicals. ChuanPlus Water Based Inks are compliant with OEKO-TEX which ensures each formulation meets the compliance standards of major brands. These inks are solvent free and can be easily cleaned up with water which contributes to a better environment.

Elastic and Non-elastic Printing Pastes

Silky High solids elastic rubber white and clear printing paste
Lycraplus High solids elastic rubber white and clear printing paste for high-stretched fabrics
Elasplus High solids elastic rubber white and clear printing paste
Softflex High solids elastic rubber white and clear printing paste
Reducer BB Pigment print clear paste.
Plusprint ND5 Pigment print clear paste which gives super soft hand feel similar to reactive dyestuff print
Superwhite DVN/3 High solids elastic white paste specially for fabric roll printing on knitted fabrics
White Paste 750 High solids non-elastic white paste designed for printing on non-woven fabrics
Showacal RA4/Matt Non-elastic matt mixing printing paste to be printed on dark coloured fabrics

Special Effects Printing Pastes

Plusbrill MCC Imitation discharge opaque and white, designed to give same hand feel as discharge paste
Emboss 494 For achieving textured foam or puff effects
Glitter Binder 2017 Ready-made, clear elastic binder specially formulated for glitter and shimmer powder effects
Pluspearl RP175 Pearl like printing paste and can be pigmented with the addition of small pigment amount to give desired metallic colour shade
Foil Print Gold/ Silver Ready to print metallic print paste that provides excellent shine and elasticity
Plustrans ADH Foil adhesive for foil transfer print
Suede Foam BSF300 For achieving suede or mock flock effects
Flock Base X1 Flock adhesive for flock effects
High Density BPU450 For achieving raised and high build effects
Plusnylon Clear Underbase Specially formulated for printing on nylon and water repellant fabrics
Anti Migration Additive Suitable to use on dark coloured fabrics with colour migration problems
Plusgloss G-Top For obtaining glossy print effects on coloured substrates
EP Extra White White paste for non-woven bags

Water Based Pigments

Pigments Standard colour pigments
Luminous Fluorescent pigments


Fixer FF Formaldehyde free fixing agent
Crosslinker B200 Formaldehyde free crosslinker. Enables crosslinking in room temperature
Thickener Additive to increase viscosity of printing paste

Screen Printing Solution

Ecoplus Plastisol Inks

ChuanPlus Ecoplus Plastisol Inks are PVC free and phthalate free. Our inks can help resolve the challenges faced by printers in today’s marketplace. Unlike conventional plastisol inks, Ecoplus Plastisol Inks allow lower curing temperature and benefits you to minimal damage on sensitive fabrics. Our inks can help lower the risk of fabric shrinkage issues when undergo high curing temperature. Ecoplus Plastisol Inks works in a PC mixing system which is designed for printing on 100% cotton and cotton blends substrates.

Non-PVC & Phthalate Free Ecoplus Bases

Ecoplus Mixing Base Versatile mixing base to create coloured print designs
Ecoplus Clear Base Used as a carrier for metallic powders and foil application
Ecoplus Underbase White Premium white for opacity. Can be used as highlight white and underbase
Ecoplus High Density 3D/ high density clear printing ink. Can also be used as carrier for foil application
Ecoplus Anti-Migration Base Used for preventing dye migration on fabric

Ecoplus Additives & Pigments

Ecoplus Plascharge Clear discharge base and must be used with an activator
Ecoplus Puff Additive Additive for achieving textured foam or puff effects
Ecoplus Viscosity Buster Reducing agent
Ecoplus Activator Activator for Ecoplus Plascharge
Ecoplus Pigments Plastisol pigments

Screen Printing Solution

Silicone Inks

ChuanPlus Silicone Inks is highly suitable for printing on performance wear and smooth polyester fabrics. Our silicone inks operate in a PC mixing system to deliver a wide range of benefits – high elasticity, soft hand feel and long term durability. ChuanPlus Silicone Inks key strength lies on the transparency of glossy clear base which brings out the vivid and vibrant glossy colour printing effects of your designs.

Silicone Bases

Silicone Clear Base Clear base used with effect pigments or standalone print with addition of Silicone Catalyst
Silicone Matt Base Matt base used with effect pigments or standalone print with addition of Silicone Catalyst
Silicone White Ready to use white ink with addition of Silicone Catalyst
Silicone High Density Clear base used for creating 3D textured effect
Silicone Anti-Migration Grey Used for preventing dye migration on fabric

Exterior Paint

Plustech 7214 Acrylic polymer for exterior paints. APEO-free
Plustech 134 Acrylic polymer for exterior paints
Plustech 900 Hydrophobic polymer for prime sealer, interior & exterior paints. APEO-free

Interior Paint

Plustech 1069HM Economical interior paint, masonry primer, textured coatings & sealant
Plustech 6905 Styrene acrylic emulsion for economical paint & wall sealer
Plustech 6917 Styrene acrylic emulsion for texture wall coating & wall sealer
Plustech VAC Vinyl acetate copolymers for interior paint & joint compound
Plustech 1182 Vinyl acetate copolymers for interior paint & joint compound

Ink Binder

Plustech IC9131 Ink binder for water based flexography printing inks. High gloss and opacity