Here are some effects that you can turn to for your t-shirt designs.

1. Statement

Statement tees are classic. They are quite simple to make. All you need is a statement be it a word or quote, and print them with big bold letters on your tee.

2. Vintage

Vintage designs are immensely popular and one of the classics. Some vintage prints can be achieved through discharge inks. We used imitation discharge ink to achieve similar print effect without sacrificing on the hand feel. Best of all, you don’t have to worry if your fabric is dischargeable or not.

3. Color Block

While it’s common to use single foil, why not try colour blocking with multiple foil colour? They present an eye-catching design and are also able to create illusions. One thing you have to becareful with foil printing is to ensure the garment has been fully cooled down after heat press before you release the foil. Single foil printing can be done using our Plustrans ADH. For colour blocking with multiple foils, you can give it a try with our Plustrans ADC.

4. Dimension

Are your designs looking a little flat? If so, it’s about time to try dimensional print with our High density paste. With the added volume, your printed designs will look and feel a lot more interesting. Our High density paste is polyurethane based and 100% eco-friendly. It’s easy to use for overlapping to create that 3D effect. Our high density paste provides you superb washing fastness performance.