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We are your ONE-STOP solution for quality, eco-friendly and sustainable product solutions to boost textile and garment screen printing, and also the paint and coating performance across diverse markets. As one of the leaders in Asia, we are here to ease your frustrations and save time by providing you the solutions to your unmet needs. All in one place.
We lead innovation in technologies that help advance the performance of screen printing. Our CHUANPLUS Ecoplus series of Plastisol Inks are environmental friendly with no contains of both PVC and phthalate. We also manufacture and supply Water Based Printing Pastes or Inks, Silicone Inks and Printing binders. We also trade Screen printing machineries and equipment. At CHUANPLUS, we also manufacture coating emulsions to boost paint and term paper help coating performance across diverse markets such as architectural, construction, wood and packaging adhesive.
We invite you to tour our website and learn about the many exciting innovation product solutions we offer in screen printing and coating. So come explore CHUANPLUS and have a chat with us. We are honored to help your business achieve greater value.


We have been in this industry for almost 30 years now. We have years of knowledge and experience that we can bring to the table.


We offer a broad product portfolio all in one place, ranging from quality and eco-friendly screen printing inks to coating emulsions.


We listen, we discuss, we advise. We are always here to help solve your problems. We value our relationships with our business partners.


We have branch offices and appointed distributors across Asia to help ease your logistic worries.


Explore the opportunities of screen printing and coating with CHUANPLUS.
We have pushed boundaries in every direction to develop range of products to help you meet your customers’ needs, all in one place. We offer a broad portfolio of Water Based Printing Pastes, Silicone Inks, Ecoplus Plastisol Inks, Printing Binders, Coating Emulsions and Adhesive Glue for a wide-variety of end markets.





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